Introducing the World’s First 4-in-1 Micro Inverter

At SPARQ, we’ve produced the world’s first smart micro inverter with ultra high reliability … and now, we’ve put it all in a compact 4-in-1, 1000 watt design. We call it the uQuad, and its the lowest cost, easiest to install micro inverter on the market.


The Only Inverter with Reactive Power Control

SPARQ isn’t working to meet forthcoming smart inverter requirements, we meet them today! We provide full reactive power control and VAR compensation. For installers and home owners, SPARQ provides high visibility monitoring via the web or smartphone app. Our open API and support for a broad range of home automation systems enables monitoring through other platforms, if desired.


Most Reliable

Made for a Long Life

We believe the micro inverter should last at least as long as your solar module. We’ve ultra-engineered the product for a long-life incorporating film capacitors. We’ve minimized components through our patented architecture and advanced software controls to reduce points of failure. We warranty our products for 25 years because it will actually last longer, not because a marketing department suggested it.

microinverter made in the USA with 25 year warranty

Lowest Cost

Best in Class Investment Return

We start by delivering you the lowest cost per watt micro inverter. We don’t do this by manufacturing overseas with cheap components. Our ingenious design enables us to be Made in the USA using only the highest quality components and quality control processes. You save further by reducing your installation and balance-of-system costs by up to 70%. Fewer units, fewer bolts, simplified cabling.

  • Reduced Capital Expenditure

    Reduced Capital Expenditure

  • Easy Install

    Easy Install

  • Reduced Cables

    Reduced Cabling

Why uQuad

Simplify Installation

The uQuad was conceived in our discussions with installers who were looking to for a way to simplify installation and minimize costly post-install site visits due to unit failures. The result was a micro inverter with the lowest cost per watt in the industry and ridiculously high reliability. The uQuad works exactly like our single unit, the Uno, providing MPPT and monitoring for each panel.

And just wait ’til you see what’s next. :)

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