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Applying advanced research
to solar power conversion.



Smart Grid Projects to Boost Innovation and Reduce Electricity Costs

Ontario is supporting 12 innovative projects that will improve the delivery of electricity to families and businesses, reducing costs and creating over 100 high-tech jobs across the province... READ MORE


SPARQ technology boosts smart-grid capability while benefiting Ottawa community housing

OTTAWA, ON -- Kingston’s SPARQ Systems Inc. is helping to advance smart-grid power capability into Ontario’s electrical grid, thanks to support from the Ontario Ministry of Energy and in collaboration with Hydro Ottawa, Quadra Power, Queen’s University and Ottawa Community Housing (OCH)... READ MORE


Our Passion for Power Conversion Runs Deep

Sparq Systems’ origins come from the advanced research conducted at ePOWER, the Centre for Energy and Power Electronics Research at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Led by IEEE Fellow and ePOWER Director Dr. Praveen Jain, Sparq Systems has successfully combined the efforts of some of the world’s most forward-thinking power conversion engineers to yield a highly efficient, compact, and versatile power conversion platform embodied in the Sparq Systems portfolio. The solutions conceived and built by Sparq Systems are underpinned by over 70 granted and pending patents.

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