Be part of the solar energy evolution

Looking for a way to reduce your energy costs and contribute to a greener future? SPARQ’s next generation solar energy technology gives you a low-cost, easy to install solution for powering your home.

Our innovative Quad microinverters connect up to 4 solar panels to one microinverter, reducing a typical 6kW residential photovoltaic system from 20 microinverters to 5. You’ll save time and money on installation, while enjoying greater energy harvest over traditional string inverters.

Low-cost, high power

Quad technology reduces design and installation costs while delivering the highest power density in the industry


Performance and reliability

Our advanced electronics come with a 12-year standard or 25-year extended warranty

Use on any grid

Our microinverters work on smart and traditional grids, anywhere in the world


Real-time performance monitoring

The SPARQLinq app gives you access to your energy data from in real time

Part of a low carbon future

We’re committed to increasing the availability of solar power for a greener world