The Quad: a next generation microinverter

Give your clients the highest quality solar energy solution, and save time and money. Our Quad microinverters offer the performance and reliability that you and your customers expect.

Four panels, one inverter

Our quad system design reduces typical 6 kW residential PV system from 20 microinverters to 5, making installation fast and easy. Our microinverters provide independent maximum energy harvest for each module and work on any type of power grid around the world.

Low capital and installation costs

Quad technology for fast and easy design and installation


Maximum Energy Harvest

5-20% more energy harvest compared to string inverters

Use on any grid

Our microinverters work on smart and traditional grids

Performance and reliability

Advanced power electronics with a 12-year or extended 25-year warranty


SPARQLinq performance tool

Real-time user data for performance monitoring