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The Quad 1200

Sparq is pleased to announce

The Quad 1200

A revolutionary, new microinverter that is resetting industry standards for cost, ease of installation, reliability, energy harvest and advanced grid functions. These features, backed by a 25-year warranty*, offer best in-class returns on investment. Offering low cost power conversion in a compact 1200-watt footprint.

Superlative performance

  • Highest power density
  • Lowest weight
  • Smart-grid ready
  • 25-year warranty*

*Standard warranty is 12 years and extended 25 year warranty is available.

Key Features

Superior Value

  • Low capital cost
  • Low design, installation, and BOS costs
  • High energy harvest
  • Best in-class reliability

Smart-Grid Ready

  • Enables delivery of active and reactive power control upon customer request

High Reliability

  • Electrolyte-free design for longer life
  • No single point of failure
  • Advanced power electronics
  • 25 year warranty*

Maximum Energy Harvest

  • Provides independent maximum energy harvest for each module
  • 5% to 20% more energy harvest as compared to string inverters, particularly in cases with module mismatch, shading, and soiling
  • High system availability and elimination of burst mode operation in low-light level, enhancing energy production

Easy to install

  • Quad system design reduces typical 6 kW residential PV system from 20 microinverters to 5 microinverters for fast and easy design and installation
  • “All AC” solution promotes safe installation and operation with low voltage
  • Industry-standard Amphenol AC connectors Wireless Zigbee communication with open protocol for individual module monitoring

For more information on the Quad 1200, download the product data and mechanical specifications sheet.

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Fleet management should be simple too


SparqVu presents system performance data in sensible ways. Want to know if your system is producing consistently? Intuitive displays make it easy to spot system issues and troubleshoot the cause. It’s called multi-site monitoring. Like multitasking, only more fun.

For more information on SparqVu, download our informative user guide.

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Next generation gateway


Part of a revolutionary, new microinverter system that will reset industry standards for low capital cost, ease of installation, high reliability, high energy harvest, and advanced grid functionality. Paired with the advanced Quad 1200 microinverter, solar photovoltaic systems have never been so advanced.

Sparq’s all new SparqLinq is faster, more powerful, and much more feature rich than ever before. An all new user interface backed by industry standard Zigbee wireless communication allows for instant access to real-time information as well as historical performance records from their PV installation.

Using powerful visualization tools, Sparq’s user interface simplifies the vast amount of information collected from a PV system and displays it in a quick and easy to understand manner. With the help of the SparqLinq’s cloud-based energy management portal “SparqVu”, users can expect to have complete access to their data from any where with nearly any device.

Key Features


  • Powered by an ultra-high performance Linux microcomputer
  • Advanced Zigbee communication allows for reliable communication through walls and ceilings


  • Displays Real-Time metrics and stores historical information for 25 years
  • Panel-by-panel information is provided at no additional cost


  • Cloud based monitoring allows for instant access from anywhere
  • Modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript user interface supports nearly any device – no app required!

Quick Installation

  • Automatic detection of connected inverters means quick and painless installation BEFORE the AC is connected
  • Perform an installation layout once and it is automatically synced to your cloud account

For more information on SparqLinq, download our informative datasheet.

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Purchasing Process

We can take you through the entire process
and answer any questions you may have.

Step 1 - Understand your requirements

Determine your average annual energy consumption by summing the last 12 months of kWh energy usage from your utility bills. Use the annual energy to help select the system size.

Step 2 - Size the system

Get an idea of the solar potential of your location by going to the free PV Watts site here: PV Watts Calculator

Entering your address or zip code, select the solar resource data and go to system info.

Set DC System Size to 1. If mounting the system on your roof, enter the Tilt (slope) and Azimuth (angle rotated from north). Press Go to Results. Divide the annual energy from step 1 by the PV Watts result to get the system size in kW needed to offset all of your electricity usage.

As an example,

• Annual energy = 5,600kWh
• PV Watts results = 1,512kWh
• System size = 5600/1512 = 3.703kW

Step 3 - Create a bill of material and contact us

Each Q1200 (Quad) will produce up to 1.2kW of power Divide the System size calculated in Step 2 by 1.2 to determine the number of Quad microinverters needed to offset the annual energy consumption.

Continuing the above example

• System size = 3.703kW
• Number of Q1200 = 3.703/1.2=3.08

Round this to 3. Each Quad will be connected to 4 PV modules. Size the PV modules for peak output between 300 and 350W per 60 cell module.

Each Quad will need a Trunk cable branch connector. The Trunk cable will need an end terminator cap. A SparqLinq gateway allows the system to be monitored.An AC disconnect tool and a DC disconnect tool are recommended for maintenance.

A total parts list for this example is:

• Quad
• Trunk cable branch connectors
• End terminator cap
• SparqLinq gateway
• AC and DC disconnect tool

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