AC Trunk Cable

10AWG–2m | 10AWG–4m
12AWG–2m | 12AWG–4m

Amphenol LTW AC Trunk Cable microinverter solution improves performance and eases installation compared with daisy chain or other proprietary cabling systems, reducing installation cost and cost of ownership. The AC Trunk Cabling system enables the solar installer to cost-effectively match the cabling needs to each site. The Trunk Cable consists of the T junction with molded Branch cable assembly that exits up from the Trunk Cable with a 700mm (0.7m) Branch cable. This cable terminates in a female plug that connects to the male bulkhead connector, which is installed on the Sparq Microinverter and serves as its AC output.

Waterproof Cap

Waterproof Cap is used on the trunk or branch cable when complete sealing from water and dust are needed — for example, when there is an extra branch on a trunk cable. The waterproof cap is IP67 rated and can protect from water ingress if submerged at the depth of 1m for 30 minutes. To unlock waterproof caps, the unlocking tool is required. Make sure that these waterproof caps have been installed on all unused AC connectors. Unused AC connectors are live when the system is energized by the grid.

AC Trunk Cable Stub End Cap


Trunk Cable Terminator End Cap – used to protect and seal exposed trunk cable wires when installers have cut the trunk cable during the installation to adjust the length or number of the microinverters used.

Unlock Tool

AC Unlocking Tool (Part XXX)– used to disassemble mated connectors on the trunk cable and Branch cable or bulkhead connector assembled to the microinverter. This tool is also used to unlock waterproof caps.
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