Introducing the Q2000: the most powerful microinverter in the industry!

The Q2000

SPARQ is pleased to introduce the Quad 2000, the industry’s  most powerful microinverter that produces electrical energy from 4 solar panels of 550W+ each, without any power clipping. Our advanced software allows the Q2000 to operate seamlessy in grid-tied, standalone and dual-mode solar panel applications.

Your cost-effective, reliable solar energy system.

We’re changing the industry standard for solar energy solutions with powerful power conversion that’s smart-grid ready and the lowest cost per watt in the industry.

Be part of a greener future.

Backed by advanced research, our microinverter systems are designed with cutting-edge technology for reliable energy solutions that are easy to install and offer more energy harvest compared to traditional string inverters. Save money and contribute to a lower carbon future.

4 panels – 1 inverter.

Our quad microinverter is changing industry standards for advanced grid functions. With only one microinverter feeding 4 solar panels, you’ll enjoy maximum energy harvest for a fraction of the cost. Installation is quick and easy, and backed by an extended 25-year warranty.


  • Quick installation
  • Maximum energy harvest
  • Cloud-based performance monitoring
  • 12 standard or 25-year extended warranty
  • Dedicated support
  • Best-in-class reliability
  • Clean energy solutions

Easy Install


Save time and money with our 4 panel,
1 inverter technology

High Power, Low Cost


The highest power output for
the lowest cost

Industry leader in energy solutions


Reliable solar energy
for a greener future

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