Introducing the Q2000: the most powerful microinverter in the industry!

The Q2000

SPARQ is pleased to introduce the Quad 2000, the industry’s  most powerful microinverter that produces electrical energy from 4 solar panels of 550W+ each, without any power clipping. Our advanced software allows the Q2000 to operate seamlessy in grid-tied, standalone and dual-mode solar panel applications.

Your cost-effective, reliable solar energy system.

We’re changing the industry standard for solar energy solutions with powerful power conversion that’s smart-grid ready and the lowest cost per watt in the industry.

Be part of a greener future.

Backed by advanced research, our microinverter systems are designed with cutting-edge technology for reliable energy solutions that are easy to install and offer more energy harvest compared to traditional string inverters. Save money and contribute to a lower carbon future.

4 panels – 1 inverter.

Our quad microinverter is changing industry standards for advanced grid functions. With only one microinverter feeding 4 solar panels, you’ll enjoy maximum energy harvest for a fraction of the cost. Installation is quick and easy, and backed by an extended 25-year warranty.


  • Quick installation
  • Maximum energy harvest
  • Cloud-based performance monitoring
  • 12 standard or 25-year extended warranty
  • Dedicated support
  • Best-in-class reliability
  • Clean energy solutions

Easy Install


Save time and money with our 4 panel,
1 inverter technology

High Power, Low Cost


The highest power output for
the lowest cost

Industry leader in energy solutions


Reliable solar energy
for a greener future

News and Events

SPARQ obtains regulatory certification for its Q2000 Quad Microinverter and enters into manufacturing agreement with Ti-Lane

SPARQ Corp. (TSXV: SPRQ) is pleased to announce that it has has received regulatory certification for its new Q2000 QUAD microinverter. The Q2000 is industry’s first most powerful microinverter that produces electrical energy from four PV panels of 550W+ each, without any power clipping under all operating conditions. The built-in advanced software algorithms allow the Q2000 to seamlessly operate in grid-tied, standalone or dual-mode PV applications. Read more