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Next generation technology for a greener future

Our solar energy solutions are backed by years of advanced research in solar power conversion. Rely on our advanced technology to provide you with superior, reliable performance at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Quad Microinverters

SPARQ’s revolutionary Quad microinverters are game changers for the solar power industry. Unlike traditional microinverters that have one photovoltaic (PV) module inputting into one microinverter, our Quad microinverters have four individual DC input channels to enable independent peak power tracking for up to four PV modules. This allows significant reduction in installation time and cable costs. Based on a Per-Watt rating, our Quad microinverters have the lowest microinverter cost, the highest power output, the highest power density, and the lowest weight in the industry.

Our microinverters have been designed for high reliability, using patented technologies that eliminate the use of short-life electrolytic capacitors. This feature gives our microinverters high reliability and a design life of 25 years, matching the design life of PV modules.

The Q2000 microinverter is the industry’s first highest power rating microinverter that produces electrical energy from four photovoltaic (“PV”) panels of 550W+ each, without any power clipping under all operating conditions. The Q2000 is designed to connect 4 PV panels, up to 550W, to the AC power grid.

The Q1200 Grid-Tied microinverter is designed to connect 4 PV panels, up to 400W, to the AC power grid.

The Q1200 Dual Mode microinverter is specifically designed for use in India, and operates both in grid-tied and off-grid modes, with and without home batteries. The Q1200 is designed to connect 4 PV panels, up to 400W, to the AC power grid.


Superior Value
  • Low design and installation costs
  • Lowest cost per watt in the industry
  • Electrolyte-free design for longer life
High energy harvest
  • greater energy harvest compared to string inverters
  • Advanced power electronics for low-light environments
  • Independent maximum energy harvest for each module
Best in-class reliability
  • Smart-grid ready, works on any grid, anywhere
  • No single point of failure
Easy to install
  • Quad system design reduces the required number of conventional microinverters by a factor of 4
  • “All AC” solution promotes safe installation and operation with low voltage
  • Industry-standard Amphenol AC connectors Wireless Zigbee communication with open protocol for individual module monitoring

For more information, download our product data and mechanical specifications sheets.

SparqLinq : real-time performance monitoring

Access and monitor your energy system data at any time with SparqLinq, our smart interface for the Quad 1200. SparqLinq can be used on nearly any device and is backed by industry standard Zigbee wireless communication, providing access to real-time data and historical records.


Data when you need it

  • Advanced performance and communication tools
    with no app required
  • Real-time metrics, historical records
    and panel-by-panel information
  • Cloud – based monitoring

Quick installation

  • Automatically detects connected inverters
    before AC is connected
  • Installation layout syncs automatically to your cloud account

SparqVu – your energy management system

Manage multi-site monitoring with SparqVu, a system performance management system with intuitive displays to help you quickly spot system issues and troubleshoot in real time.